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Welcome Visitors

Say "Hi!" to your visitors and customers when they land on your online store. A warm welcome pays off in the long run.

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Ideas for your Welcome Visitors video campaigns

A unique and authentic video pop-up breaks the ice with your online visitors. Authenticity sells!

Introduce Your Team

You may be the face of the company or part of a team of amazing people. Show your customers a friendly face with a welcome video.

Show Your Shop, Office or Warehouse

Show your customers what happens behind the scenes and promote transparency.

Tell Your Company Story

Your audience is curious about how you started. People connect with people through stories, so do tell!

Highlight Your Values

Use a video to tell the visitors about the values that your business cares about.

Tell Customers They Can Reach Out

Let your customers know you are there to assist them along their shopping journey and how they can contact you.

Target Visitors by Channel

Record different videos for visitors depending on their source - Ads, Social Media, Email or other sources.

Video Donut Benefits

Video Drives More BusinessTM

Break The Ice With Your Customers

Use a video to say "Hi" to your online visitors and they will remember you.

Your Site Feels Human

Just like in a physical store where a real person greets you, it feels great being greeted online with a Video Donut!

Increase Purchase Intention

Some online shoppers are on the fence and a welcome video can make them feel more comfortable moving ahead.

Increase Your Shop Trustworthiness

Use a welcome video to show you are real and your business is legit.

Video Drives More SalesTM

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