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Thank Buyers

Thank your customers with a video after they've purchased from your website. This is your chance to have some fun with it and show your creativity!

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Ideas for your Thank Buyers video campaigns

Use a video to show how much you appreciate your buyers' business

Give Coupon for Future Orders

Coupons are proven to be a successful strategy for keeping customers returning to your store.

Ask To Review

Use a video to ask your customers to review their purchase. Social proof increases the chances of other visitors buying from you.

Promote Sharing on Social Media

Happy customers share their experiences when asked to. Use a video to promote your social channels.

Shipping Estimate

Use a video to inform your customers how soon they can expect their orders to arrive.

Video Donut Benefits

Video Drives More BusinessTM

Increase Customer Loyalty

Leverage videos to strengthen a connection with buyers.

Trigger Word-of-mouth Marketing

People tell people when they've had an amazing experience. Use a video to build a connection with your customers and they will talk about you and your brand.

Maximize Lifetime Value

You want repeat customers and a great video can help turn them into brand ambassadors.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

A video message to your customers congratulating them for buying will make them feel even better about their purchase.

Video Drives More SalesTM

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