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Sales & Promos

Announce your store's latest deals and offers with an engaging video.

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Ideas for your Sales & Promos video campaigns

Get inspired by how to engage with your audience through a video pop-up and grow your business.

Sales Event

Announce your promos for a timed sales event: Black Friday, Christmas and Mother's day are the biggest selling days for online stores.

Seasonal Sales

Winter and Summer sales can benefit from a video with an offer to your visitors.

Promo Codes

Everybody loves a good promo/coupon code! An exclusive deal becomes irresistible when its featured in an engaging video.

Reminder of Free Shipping

Everyone wants to know how their orders can be shipped for free.

Announce Bundling Discounts

Incentivize your customers to try a new product by bundling your best-seller.

Reminder of Free Returns

Remove friction and give your customers the peace of mind they need to complete their checkout.

Video Donut Benefits

Video Drives More BusinessTM

Increase Sales and Revenue

Video is the ultimate tool to turbocharge your promo campaigns.

Improve Your Store's Competitiveness

Beat the competition with authentic videos that convert visitors into customers.

Increase Customers Loyalty

Build strong and long-lasting relationships with your audience.

Increase Coupon Codes Usage

Coupon codes are as effective as your ability to communicate them to your customers.

Video Drives More SalesTM

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