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Latest Updates

Keep your audience in the loop. Use a video to share your latest announcements.

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Ideas for your Latest Updates video campaigns

Never miss a chance to keep your website visitors informed. They love hearing a good update with useful information.

Upcoming Sales Event

Black Friday, Christmas and Mother's day are the biggest selling days for e-commerces. Make sure your customers know what to look forward to!

New Blog Post Release

You've worked hard to craft a well though-out blog post. Record a video to communicate your post is live.

Loyalty Program

Explain your store loyalty program and how your customers can get the most out of it.

Company Announcement

Sometimes text is just not enough to express the emotion behind the message your company needs to say. Use a familiar face in a video instead!

Contests and Giveaways

Give your website visitors inside information on how to win that contest or get that giveaway!

Policy Changes

When your return policy or delivery rules change, use a video to highlight the changes.

Video Donut Benefits

Video Drives More BusinessTM

Keeps Your Website Up-to-date

Fresh content is key to keep your connections alive.

Increase Engagement Time

You want your visitors returning to your site and happy to browse it. The longer they stay, the more they'll buy.

Spark a Connection

Break the ice with your visitors and convert them into customers.

Make it Personal

Give your online store that human touch, just like in a physical store.

Video Drives More SalesTM

Inspired by how high-engaging websites work, we're building the future of video marketing for small businesses. Get started with VideoDonut today.