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Integrate with your Analytics platform of choice to have insights of who watched your videos, clicked on the call-to-action button and converted. You deserve full control ๐Ÿ•น

The first thing you need is to make use of the hooks available in the configuration of your video-donut.

videodonut("init", "YOUR-VIDEO-ID", {
* Hooks
onLoad: function (video) {
// Widget loaded. Insert tracking here.
onOpen: function (video) {
// Video player opened. Insert tracking here.
onPlay: function (video) {
// Video started playing. Insert tracking here.
onClose: function (video) {
// Video player closed. Insert tracking here.
onButtonClick: function (video) {
// Call-to-action button clicked. Insert tracking here.
onShutdown: function (video) {
// Widget is terminated. Insert tracking here.

NOTE: This feature is only available with a Premium plan.

The video object has the following properties:

interface Video {
id: string;
url: string; // Video media URL
title: string;
clipUrl: string; // Animated Gif URL

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